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Welding Services - Melbourne

Welding Services

At T-Square Metal Fabrications, we offer a complete range of custom metal fabrication and professional welding services for clients across Melbourne. We specialise in MIG and TIG welding, with expertise across a broad spectrum of industries. 

Our expert team of welders has extensive experience and a dedication to ensuring superior workmanship and precision outcomes at highly competitive prices.  

When you work with us you get: 

  • Expertise: Our team is trained, qualified and experienced and ready to handle any job.
  • The latest technology: Armed with state of the art welding and metal fabrication equipment, we can take on any project, large or small.
  • A comprehensive range of services: Our team offers a full range of welding and fabrication services to suit any requirements.
  • Quality workmanship: With a dedication to precision workmanship, we ensure that every project is completed to exact specifications and the highest standards.

TIG Welding

Fabrication and Welding Services

At T-Square Metal Fabrications, we have a team of skilled and experienced welders armed with the latest TIG welding equipment. We have completed projects for clients all over Melbourne and we’re ready to bring out expertise to work for you. 

TIG welding is preferred in applications where high weld quality, precision, and control are paramount. It is particularly useful for welding thin sections of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals like aluminum, magnesium, and copper alloys.

TIG welding is a great choice for precision projects that require high-quality welds on thin materials and complex assemblies. It produces high-integrity, contaminant-free welds suitable for precision industries like aerospace, automotive, and medical. 

From one-off precision projects to large-scale industrial projects with complex welding requirements, our capacity and expertise will ensure that your work is carried out to the highest standards of quality.

MIG Welding

Fabrication and Welding Services

We provide expert MIG welding services for clients throughout Melbourne. Our team is equipped with the very latest in MIG welding technology and has the experience and know-how to handle all your welding needs. 

MIG welding (or metal inert gas welding) is a simple, quick and versatile welding process suitable for thin sheet and thick plate materials. Its high deposition rates enable the completion of large projects quicker than other welding methods. 

It’s a versatile process suitable for welding a wide range of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. It can produce long, continuous welds without interruption making it ideal for pipelines or structural steel welding. MIG welding produces strong, clean welds, with minimal spatter and slag, which leads to less cleanup and finishing work after welding.

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Fabrication and Welding Services

At T-Square Metal Fabrications, we offer a wide range of welding and steel and sheet metal fabrication services from our facility in Dandenong South. 

To discuss your requirements or find out more about any of our services, give us a call today on 03 8789 7455 or contact us online.

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